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The curious quiet of establishment Jewry on Trump’s anti-semitism

Establishment Jewry was too quiet on Trump’s anti-Semitism — but new groups and young Jews took him on. Time to pass the baton to new Jewish defenders.

Source: The curious quiet of establishment Jewry on Trump’s anti-semitism


Obama… There is one problem!

“M]ost people aren’t spending a lot of time right now worrying about singularity—they are worrying about “Well, is my job going to be replaced by a machine?” I tend to be on the optimistic side—historically we’ve absorbed new technologies, and people find that new jobs are created, they migrate, and our standards of living generally go up […] High-skill folks do very well in these systems. They can leverage their talents, they can interface with machines to extend their reach, their sales, their products and services.

The Prob is the fact is these may only allow the most intelligent to have jobs!

The Truth is we need universal paychecks and massive wealth redistribution programs in order to make this work. And the fact is we need new global policies to make sure all nations get this tech!

PutinTrump and the Global Game…

“It’s a great huge game of chess that being played all over the world!” Lewis Carrol




This website exposes the huge cash links between Trump and Putin. The Dirty Business Deals. The interconnected strategy. The basic setup.

What it does not provide is the Motive. Let me tell the Motive. Japan never fell apart it just kept growing and growing and it’s success lifted all 0f Asia out of poverty. Now there is only one natural allliance that can be made. Japan/China!

We have been trying to sabotage this power play for years using Taiwan vs. North Korea.But North Korea has been completely destroyed and now it is time for the Alliance to happen. China is now so powerful it can lead Asia into a New Era in which it will be the ultimate super power. Russia and America’s  plan is the same and in conflict. Gain the support of the New Asian Union to bring properity in the new Asian controlled world. Putin is losing and Trump is a wild card which can change the game.

America is in the final round of this game of chicken. No one was ever going to launch nukes. But whoever looks worse in the eyes of the world loses.

Trump is Putin’s last best hope. The American Era is over by Putin believes Asia could power a Russain Era far in the future. This is it. The final conflict of our generation!

Dangerous New ‘Group Think’

In my opinion, neither Hillary or any other experienced candidate will actually do anything to get Russia to lob nukes at us. But the fact what do these new Outsider Candidates think is the problem. The fact is we weren’t really serious about getting on Iran until the Government got under the control of people who didn’t understand that “Hostile Iran” was really a simple tool to get votes. Now that there are people who are actually serious about going to war with Iran we now have a danger.

The fact is down the line this propaganda will grow legs. Make no mistake, Putin is not a nice guy, he is a former member of real life Orwellian thought police and a man who scapegoats homosexuals and other minorities. However, he is basically a smarter Russia version of Bush and he will go the way of Bush in the coming years. He holds onto power because America looks so scary and that is the only reason he hasn’t lost it.

He needs a gun hoe candidate like Trump to really fire up the support he needs to continue. However, he won’t do anything which could get the world to come down on him. He is trying to make the world come down on us. Not make war on us on his own anymore than we are with him!

At the end of the day this is just games like everything else.

In Saner Thought

This election has shown me that there is a new “group think” in DC…..daily the media is pushing the story that Russia is the same out of control bear that it was during the Cold War…..and everyone is buying into the propaganda….

Look at today….we are told that our intel gatherers have high confidence that Russia is behind the DCCC hack attack… question is…is this the same high confidence that we had on Iraq’s WMDs?

Not since the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has Official Washington’s political/punditry class clamored more single-mindedly – and openly – for the U.S. government to commit a gross violation of international law, now urging a major military assault on the government of Syria while also escalating tensions with nuclear-armed Russia.

And, like the frenzied war fever of 2002-2003, today’s lawless consensus is operating on a mix of selective, dubious and false information –…

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When Are American Deaths Important?

the Government is selective as hell on what lives matter and don’t. When the Government tells us that blacks are thugs and Arabs are Islamonazis can we trust them to transition us to the next stage of evolution anymore than corporations?

In Saner Thought

Before I begin…..the situation is dire in Gaza…..there is a basic blockade by Israel….no traffic in or out, no building supplies in, no food or few med supplies, no approach from the sea…there has been a couple of flotillas that have tried to break the blockade for humanitarian reasons and have been stopped by Israel….including the most recent “women’s flotilla”……

News has come out the Israel will pay $20 million in compensation for one of these incidents…..

As part of the reconciliation package with Turkey, Israel today sent some $20 million in compensatory payments into the Turkish Justice Ministry, from which it will be distributed to the families of 10 slain Turkish citizens killed by Israeli troops on the Mavi Marmara.

The Mavi Marmara attack saw  attacking and boarding the aid ship MV Mavi Marmara, which was bound for the Gaza Strip and carrying humanitarian aid. The Israeli military claimed…

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Let us get this straight… Clinton is not a rapist!

The fact is the Republicans combed with a fine tooth for years to prove that Bill raped women, murdered, committed treason as a communist and everything they could think of.

They couldn’t find a single thing, zilch, nada, nothing? Star was forced to apoligize during the Bush Admin. He was cleared more then any other man of wrong doing. He cheated his wife that is it.

If these woman had any evidence we would have more then we could ask for. We still have simply accusations. No evidence was found what so-ever. They were proven most likely to have lied.

The fact is they were investigating him for most of his Presidency and while he was Governer. They were going through every file. Why was nothing but a consensual affair turned up. You have to be a real conspiracy nut to believe Bill is a rapist.


To Saner Thought… There may be a good reason for you to vote Hillary?

The fact is she promised no troops on the ground and stated she will arm the Kurds which will mean the reason we haven’t had to put troops on the ground. Arming the Kurds with the latest weapons will allow someone else to fight ISIL for us!

Clinton is a rapist?

Update on the story of the man who grabbed women, “by the pussy!” Now he is claiming the real rapist is his opponent’s husband. Millions are asking, “what in heck?”

This is despit that the husband of the opponent was cleared of all charges by the police in all cases CNN is claiming that this is real.Despit that the man is a rapist and sex-offender and his opponents husband was cleared. This is bizarre, a feminist who has constantly stood for women, minorities and the disabled is being smeared as an ablelist, rape apologist and racist. Meanwhile, this man who claims who was accused of discriminating against disabled and minorities is supposdly the champion of the universe.

This has gone to hell and CNN is going along with it!

So sexual assult is now okay?

A man today defended another man’s crotch grabbing by saying how teengage boys do it despite that the man was over 50 and married when the crotch grabbing took place. The other man stated how he loves to grab women, “by the pussy!” as he puts  it.

Throughout recent history this has been known as “sexual assault” and as such men who do are made spend time in a small cell with a black man known as Bubu. But now many men are defending it as loving women. A commentator on the WaPo said that, “He sure loves women, liberals hate that!”and was not herassed buy other commentators. “Liberals” whatever they are declined to comment as it was in many’s words a “WHAT THE FUCK” moment.

Back to the man defending this man, he put forth as evidence how a mythical King had a hundred concubines and how this made it okay. He did not explain how a mythical figure actions justified real life. As this reporter ask as a descend British and German tribesmen if I can marry a horse since Fluvius Stella did?

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