Okay so basically I am wondering why some Christians won’t give up the fight to oppress us gays. The fact Christian Extremist believe that Homosexuality is as bad as theft and murder.

Now here is the fact a lot of Christian Leaders have admitted that the Bible is not clear on homosexuality. Let’s take Leviticus first. In Leviticus, it is said man that lay with man is an abomination. End of Story?

Not at all first we ought to remember at this time all marriages were arranged so any sex outside of marriage was considered fornication and so men would not be having it on with men in the first since the primary point of marriage was to continue one’s bloodline. Second, most of the Bible talking about Homosexuality were about things like the gang rape in Sodom and things like that. Homosexual Rape is related to Gay Love the way Heterosexual Rape is related to Striate Love. It really has nothing to do with it. Third, there is an issue of punctuation. GayChristian101 has argued that the verse in Leviticus is a continuation of the verse before it sacrificing to Molech. On another issue, some Jews have said the verse is about incest and some have said it is about lying in a woman’s bed.

Pauls statement on homosexuality has very similar problems. And on Sodom itself. First going after strange flesh could be about rape and second Ezekiel and other verses state the big problem was unkindness to the poor . Jude says something about Sexual perversion but this is most likely about trying to rape the angels. And finally, the Sodom story seems to imply these people were rapist, not male-male lovers.

Strangely Fundy Christians take up verses which have nothing to do about Homosexuality. Like for instance where​ Jesus quotes Genesis​. People say these means that man and wife is God’s plan but if you look the Pharisees were​ trying to catch Jesus in his words so they could accuse him of blasphemy​ and kill him. This was a moment in which more ​going on than typical preaching. This wasn’t a moment in which Jesus was speaking freely and this​ does contradict Paul statement​ the celibacy​ is okay when interpreted​ this way.

Not that Paul doesn’t contradict Jesus sometimes and that is what Christians forget when trying to use him to argue.

Further​ more on Paul, many scholars admit he that he many times is talking as a Jew, a Jew who believes in Jesus but still a Jew under the Law, thereby he is talking from a Jewish perspective. Leviticus is also written for the Jews as it says several times it is for the People of Israel.

Also let’s further more, say that if Christians wish to actually​ say these verses are talking about Homosexuality in the context of modern​ Gay Love, they need to prove it.

The fact is if one reads the book Pudding Head Wilson one needs to actual know the context otherwise it sounds like the author is just being rude and wants to saya the N-Word. The reality is Mark Twain in the book is written​ very in depth​ about Southern​ Culture and Slavery in a fictional format based on reality. If you don’t do some research​ on it sounds dumb. As such the book has been banned in many schools despite​ that it sheds light on a subject many children still don’t understand.

The Bible is ancient and from a time when Slavery was the norm and people lived tribally. People were divided​ by class women had few rights and killing over petty​ things was normal. And the fact was they couldn’t imagine a time in which things were different no more than​ they could imagine cell phones.

The reality is that Fundamentalist Christians are demanding to stay in the past and not acknowledge​ present realities. Secular people like ourselves and secular Governments like the United States should not tolerate this!