A man today defended another man’s crotch grabbing by saying how teengage boys do it despite that the man was over 50 and married when the crotch grabbing took place. The other man stated how he loves to grab women, “by the pussy!” as he puts  it.

Throughout recent history this has been known as “sexual assault” and as such men who do are made spend time in a small cell with a black man known as Bubu. But now many men are defending it as loving women. A commentator on the WaPo said that, “He sure loves women, liberals hate that!”and was not herassed buy other commentators. “Liberals” whatever they are declined to comment as it was in many’s words a “WHAT THE FUCK” moment.

Back to the man defending this man, he put forth as evidence how a mythical King had a hundred concubines and how this made it okay. He did not explain how a mythical figure actions justified real life. As this reporter ask as a descend British and German tribesmen if I can marry a horse since Fluvius Stella did?