In my opinion, neither Hillary or any other experienced candidate will actually do anything to get Russia to lob nukes at us. But the fact what do these new Outsider Candidates think is the problem. The fact is we weren’t really serious about getting on Iran until the Government got under the control of people who didn’t understand that “Hostile Iran” was really a simple tool to get votes. Now that there are people who are actually serious about going to war with Iran we now have a danger.

The fact is down the line this propaganda will grow legs. Make no mistake, Putin is not a nice guy, he is a former member of real life Orwellian thought police and a man who scapegoats homosexuals and other minorities. However, he is basically a smarter Russia version of Bush and he will go the way of Bush in the coming years. He holds onto power because America looks so scary and that is the only reason he hasn’t lost it.

He needs a gun hoe candidate like Trump to really fire up the support he needs to continue. However, he won’t do anything which could get the world to come down on him. He is trying to make the world come down on us. Not make war on us on his own anymore than we are with him!

At the end of the day this is just games like everything else.

In Saner Thought

This election has shown me that there is a new “group think” in DC…..daily the media is pushing the story that Russia is the same out of control bear that it was during the Cold War…..and everyone is buying into the propaganda….

Look at today….we are told that our intel gatherers have high confidence that Russia is behind the DCCC hack attack… question is…is this the same high confidence that we had on Iraq’s WMDs?

Not since the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has Official Washington’s political/punditry class clamored more single-mindedly – and openly – for the U.S. government to commit a gross violation of international law, now urging a major military assault on the government of Syria while also escalating tensions with nuclear-armed Russia.

And, like the frenzied war fever of 2002-2003, today’s lawless consensus is operating on a mix of selective, dubious and false information –…

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