“It’s a great huge game of chess that being played all over the world!” Lewis Carrol




This website exposes the huge cash links between Trump and Putin. The Dirty Business Deals. The interconnected strategy. The basic setup.

What it does not provide is the Motive. Let me tell the Motive. Japan never fell apart it just kept growing and growing and it’s success lifted all 0f Asia out of poverty. Now there is only one natural allliance that can be made. Japan/China!

We have been trying to sabotage this power play for years using Taiwan vs. North Korea.But North Korea has been completely destroyed and now it is time for the Alliance to happen. China is now so powerful it can lead Asia into a New Era in which it will be the ultimate super power. Russia and America’s  plan is the same and in conflict. Gain the support of the New Asian Union to bring properity in the new Asian controlled world. Putin is losing and Trump is a wild card which can change the game.

America is in the final round of this game of chicken. No one was ever going to launch nukes. But whoever looks worse in the eyes of the world loses.

Trump is Putin’s last best hope. The American Era is over by Putin believes Asia could power a Russain Era far in the future. This is it. The final conflict of our generation!