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Will I be allowed to become immortal?

So, on the Futurism website stories about artificial body part parts including brain cells are everywhere. Gene Modding is becoming a reality  and the Government is planning on going to Mars?

So will the typical person be allowed to benefit from this tech anytime soon. Universal Healthcare seems like the only way they  could. People seem to now be trying to destroy Obama band-aid plan so immortality may not actually be my right despite that the rich will be allowed to become immortal. This isn’t even being debated in the MSM.

We are literally on the brink of the next stage in human evolution and nothing is being talked about. Will we all be allowed to evolve to the next state or only some of us?


So I am not dead and think I can get a new Wacom Tablet?

So the fact is I got way too much into FaceBook and spent too much time on it. My housemates are still fucking annoying I am still fired from work and I am still expected to make wonderful artwork in a small noisy room with people who don’t give a fuck. Right now my fellow artist is talking and talking annoyingly.

I hate my job and my computer sucks and I haven’t had time to fix my Raspberry Pi. The fact is that I have been told I

The fact is that I have been told I maybe able to be employed so there is good news. I can also get a Wacom Tablet do I discovered they cost 99$ to 190$ for the lower end new models.

Also I may be going to be able to get some free high price art programs!

YouTube Y U do this!

I am hearing a heavily racist conversation on Youtube involving Lolicon, Bukkake, and Rape and someone openly calling themselves a pedophile. WHY GODDESS WHY!?

Okay, on a board I am on I hearing rumors of a Germen Civil War…

According to what German people are saying it is part of preparedness plan. Why are people saying this?

Fun Fact…

Communist, Lefttard, Cuck, and other such words should not mean supports gay rights and/or is non-racist!

SoarinDash and Hettard Supremacist​ (Warning First World Problem, My Little Pony, Shipping. )

So basically on a website I am on posted in response to a woman complaining about Gay Shippers claiming that claim their ship is canon. I immediately interjected with the fact that there are plenty of Hettard shippers  who claim their little Hetero ships are canon despite no real proof such as SoarinDash which is infamous for having fans who claiming any gay Rainbow ships are Porn and that their ship is canon.

When this woman responded she accused me of bringing up MLP without reason. (Check your privilege Hettards and Non-Bronies) despite that reason was obvious. Hettards claim their ships are canon too. The argument had her calling me heterophobic. (Hettard is actually a term of endearment for a het only shipper… So no.)

The fact is this needs to stop. When people ship gay couples and start trying to claim they are canon people go, “You Kray Kray that ain’t canon!” When people start claiming their het ships are canon people go, “Work dat ship baby!”

The fact is we gay and lesbian Cartoon fans simply want to see people like us in cartoons and we enjoy the idea that some people like gay stuff as much as we do. Yes there is the, “Rape Love” fics and things like that we don’t like. But why can’t we create our own world in which we are totally accepted and the majority. We will never be totally accepted in our lifetimes and we will never be the majority unless something crazy happens.People who ship lesbians like

People who ship lesbians are vilified on the internet. People claim we just want to fap to them. I prefer men and frankly can’t picture myself involved in lesbian sex. I just like the fact that some lesbian ships are really really cute.

And frankly the annoying thing is these people who yell, “WRITING GAY FICS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A LGBT ALLY!” Frankly, I find it interesting that Hetero’s are allowed to write the book on how to be an LGBT Ally. Frankly yes if you write a bunch of stereotypes you’re not a good ally. But The fact is LGBT people want to be included in what they read! And frankly, Uke and Seme somewhat exist. Some Gay Men are Bottoms and some Gay Men are tops. Now the top isn’t always dominate and the bottom isn’t always submissive… But frankly, LGBTs should decide what counts as an ally… Not some Butthurt Strait Girl on the internet






Iran is our natural ally stupids!

I have been seeing rightist blogs writing things about how millions of dollars have been sent to Iran. Excuse me but Iran has been fighting ISIL the enemy of civilization​.

The right claims Obama is traitor but they constantly aid ISIL by proxy!

Killing people is more okay than being Gay to some Muslims, Jews and Christians?

By comparison, respondents said they thought national-religious parents would be less troubled if their child became a “hilltop youth,” the moniker given to radical youths from the national-religious community who establish isolated, unauthorized settlement communities and who have been accused of perpetrating severe violence against Palestinians and Christians.

The before hand is a quote from the Jeruslem Post… People would rather their son be a murdering settler then a Gay Man…

Omar Mateen believed that his sexuality was evil thereby went on a rapage against gays and transexuals. According to statistics most shooters were commanly called, “Gay” “Queer” and “Faggot” by peers before going off. Shcool shooters especally.

How can our society tolerate these kind of attetudes?

The Difference…

I’ve heard people say a ton of times that since autistics and psychopaths both “lack empathy” and “appear uncaring”, they must somehow be similar or even the same. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. First off, what makes me think I can comment on this issue? Well, I kinda have first hand […]

via Autism vs psychopathy: Yang vs Yin — abuseandautism

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